Integrated DevOps Platform for Modern Software Teams.

Building cutting edge software but still stuck with legacy siloed software tools for different phases of development and devops? With Enpointer you can plan sprints and track issues, securely manage your code with git repos, document everything in version controlled wiki, write and test APIs. Enpointer is everything you need to write better software

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Out of Box Simplicity, Powerful Customizability

Open Source at Heart & Practice

Enpointer is 100% Opensourced under GNU General Public License Version 3.0 (or later) and is built collaborately with the contributions from our active global Opensource community.

No lock-ins, full transparency and 100% commitment to opensource are the ideals that guide Enpointer everyday.

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Powerful Customizable Boards

Don't just restrict your work in columns, use the powerful editor to build a board which reflects your workflow

Plan Your Sprints

Stay on top of your release deadlines and ship code faster by planning ahead your sprints with your team. Understanding your team's capabilities and scope of work in a sprint helps you move fast without breaking things

Define Your Own Workfow

Win the war against project chaos by designing and implementing processes and workflows for your team to follow. With Enpointer you can customize and create transitions and workflows to match how your team works.

Build and Test APIs

Software is eating the world and APIs are eating the software.

Enpointer makes API development simple by providing complete toolchain to for developers to make software in an API first software world.

Reports to see the bigger picture

Use our best in class analytics and reports to help you zoom out from minute project details and see where your project and team stands. Use these insights and data to take your team's agile process to next level.

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Sophisticated Planning And Roadmapping Tools, so that your project offers no surprises

Align your team's direction by setting up processes and transitions using our workflow engine



Track the snapshot of current status of your project and keep everybody on the same page using our board powered by innovative layout editor

Get real time data and reports inlcuding sprint velocity, burndown charts to get powerful insights

Ultimate Guide to Scaling Agile

Join the exclusive early list for our upcoming 'Ultimate Guide to Scaling Agile' eBook, launching next month.

Book covers key problems organisations face while implementing and scaling agile methodologies successfully for high stake software projects. It offers strategic + tactical actions & insights to make your shift to agile seamless or help optimise your existing process.

Love From Community

Enpointer is amazing in terms of breath of customizability it offers. We started off with one project on Enpointer and now have moved other projects to Enpointer as well.

- Ryan Peters, Goodbox Inc
Our team uses Enpointer to manage a complex visual board of user stories, bugs, releases - all put in together in one view. Product does looks really promising and 24x7 support has been faboulous.

- Nate Menders, DevShop
Finally something to manage our issues which is not bloated like Jira and doesnt lack features like Clubhouse. We have been part of early Beta and have loved the experience, both with the product and the team. These guys know what they are doing

- Avik Sharma, UniGlobal Analytics
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