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3 Indispensable Collaboration Tools We Use To Manage Our Remote Team

Ishaan Bhola| Remote | 9 months, 1 week


Enpointer is 100% remote company with people working from 3 different continents and various timezones. We believe that Remote is really the future of digital work wherein it won’t matter if you are working out from a WeWork in Bangalore or a beach in Pattaya. 


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Forward thinking companies who have adopted this style of working are already finding benefits and boosts in productivity such as high morale of employees, higher retention, less stress, better recruitment, lower costs, increased productivity etc. 


Although there are very clear tangible benefits of working remotely, one of the major thing you need to work out is communication part between the teams. So remote working setup can be a serious challenge for the founders to get off the ground, especially if you have spend majority of working career in conventional office setup. 


To do it effectively you need all sorts of latest tools for making sure that communication is free flowing, important tasks are getting prioritised and scheduling of deadlines is done properly. 


 So investing both time and money in all the latest collaboration tools is very critical so that everyone on the team is one the same page. Most of these tools have a recurring pricing structure which is quite nominal if you compare it to the value that they end up creating for your company. 


 It is an organic process of hit and trials where you find the tools that you and your team are comfortable with. Ofcourse it is easier said than done and it would require many iterations of tweaking tools and processes to get things right. 


We depend a lot on our tools, because when you are working remotely, then your tools really become your virtual office where employees meet, talk, get work done etc. 


It has been only in the recent times that online tools for collaboration have seen a tremendous level of functional maturity. Here is a list of tools that we use internally at Enpointer and they are actually the lifeblood for our operations. 




If you ask any digital worker for his favourite tool, then there is very high chance that he is going to name Slack. Slack has really become the de facto communication and chat app for teams. 


It’s delightful UI/UX was what differentiated it from the pack of 100s of other enterprise communication tools such as hipchat etc. 


We started using Slack mainly for chat initially but it’s increasing applications, integrations and bots directory has morphed the tool into one stop operations point or nerve centre for our company. 


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Finding a right video conferencing software that worked for us was more difficult than we thought. It was because of all sorts of issues which affect video meetings such as reliability of sound quality, crisp and consistent video quality, ease of use and other collaboration features like screen sharing , annotations etc. 


But then we tried Zoom and it simply worked fabulously well for us. All the painful days of organising a quick video meeting seemed like they belong to a bygone era. Team members can easily create quick video meetings, easily leverage it’s screen sharing features and do lot of amazing stuff without much fuss. 


Best part with Zoom is that not everyone in the team has to download the app, only one person who is organising downloads the app and sends the link of meeting to everyone who can then join from their mobiles, browsers etc. 




There are times when you bump across a tool which make you think that how were you living without it all this while. 


Invision had a similar effect on our team. And so much so that it has become our main tool for quick prototyping of new feature, building an interactive mockup etc. 


At the heart of it, Invision is a prototyping tool, but at the same time it is so much more because of the kind of features and workflows it packs. It also lets you share your mockups to your teams where they can collaborate and comment realtime over it. Goodbye emails with design pdfs. 


It has some solid features like hover states, mobile prototyping, live sharing as you doodle out your whiteboard sessions, version history /syncing and moodboards. 


Net net it is a powerful tool which empowers our design and product team to do their best work.


So what are your favourite tools which help you get stuff done ? Share with us in the comments below :)



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