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4 Plugins In Sublime Text To Supercharge Your Git Workflow

Rohan Mehta| Git | 9 months, 1 week


Sublime Text is a widely used cross-platform code editor which supports multiple languages and has a vibrant community of plugins. 

One really productive hack is to to integrate your git workflows directly into sublime text editor. Lets take a look at some really cool plugins which can help you do that. 



This plugin makes your life really easy by saving you the time it takes to switch from your sublime editor to command line to make your git commands. Now all the goodness of git can be managed directly from sublime’s Command Palette.

View SublimeGit plugin



GitGutter has some amazing features and has been downloaded more than 600,000 times. Its main features include : Gutter Icons indicating inserted, modified or deleted lines, Diff Popup with details about modified lines, Status Bar Text with information about file and repository, Goto Change to easily navigate between modified lines

View GitGutter plugin



With this plugin, you can simply select code in your sublime editor and see it’s corresponding Github or Bitbucket repo in your default browser.  

View GitHubinator plugin



The plugin does exactly as the name suggests. This plugin simply opens the files in sublime text editor which are changed in your current repo branch. 

View GitOpenChangedFiles plugin



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