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Everything You Need To Know About Front App

Rahul Bansal| Software | 8 months


Frontapp is it shared inbox for teams which provides all the emails, applications and teammates in one single collaborative workspace.


Email was never built for collaborative team efforts. Although it is one of the biggest communication channels over internet, get it remains more of a one to one medium. Front is building a product to solve this problem.


The product is built to provide better customer conversations and it provides the multi channel inbox which is focus upon the team collaboration.


What front app does is that it centralizers all the communication channel into one single place by providing a multi channel inbox. Users can add as many channels is they need like email, sms, or twitter.


Users can also manage even their private conversations all in the same place and which can be accessed from the web applications or their mobile apps using Front.


Messages in the conversation can be assigned to different members of the team so that none of them goes missing and there is accountability for replying to them. Teams can further co-ordinate with their inline comments and @ mentions over the conversation.  Front also provides the feature where users can see who is typing in the real time to avoid duplicate replies.


Front admins can also setup tags and keywords for messages which can then trigger rule based workflows.  Teams can also set up custom reminders where follow up is required and also setup automations for commonly asked questions to save time.


Front app integrates with multiple third party applications such as salesforce records,  Jira to keep all of your apps in sync with the inbox and it also provides a flexible api for companies to build on top of front app.  Teams can also measure performance metrics like response time and message volume to take data driven decision and measure their efficiency.


So net net front wants to own the entire external communications part of the business. You can say what Slack did for internal communication, Front wants to do it for the external communication.


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