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Facebook Announces 'VR Memories' - A Spatial Reconstruction From Photos Using Machine Learning

Editorial| Software News | 9 months, 3 weeks

In Facebook's F8 conference, Mark Zuckerberg announced a feature called 'VR Memories' which will take in your childhood photos and videos to generate spatial cloud points to give a dream like ethreal recosntruction of that space. This feature leverages AI, machine learning and computer vision to build virtual 3D spaces from flat photos and videos. 



“If you have some photos from your childhood home we can now use computer vision to fill in the gaps with this pointillism effect and recreate the rooms of your childhood homes where you grew up,” says Mark  Zuckerberg. “This work of mapping out immersive spaces is just another important step on the path to creating this real feeling of presence.” Facebook VR memories leverages a technology called "photogrammetry" to convert 2d images and videos into 3D virtual spaces. 



Facebook has been investing a lot in the space of VR, including it's $2 billion dollar Oculus acquisition. Apart from hardware like Oculus Rift and Oculus Go, social networking giant seems to be investing a lot in the VR software as well. 


This technology is still in development as a demo but it gives a sense of positioning facebook wants to have for the upcoming AR and VR market. Closest analogy for this feature would be like a facebook album coming to life in an immersive manner. It uses the pointillism effect  to help fill in the gaps, and to "create a sense of presence in the space". Photos and Videos posted by user are  embedded in that recreated space which can be zoomed in on clicking. 



'VR Memories' looks like something right out of an episode of 'Black Mirror' and our dystopian or utopian future is coming to us faster than we imagine.


You can watch the complete video of facebook VR memories from the demo here : 



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