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Friends, Trading, and Gifting Finally Coming To Pokemon Go

Ben Green| Gaming | 8 months


After 2 years of launch, Pokemon Go is finally releasing the highly anticipated features for Pokemon Trading and Friends List. Pokemon Go fans have been waiting for these features for a long time now. 


The trading mechanics will be part of the new friend system which will be released latest this week. One of the interesting parts of trading is that it will work locally. So in order to trade with someone you must be there in game friend list and in order to send them friend request you need to be within 100  m of them. So Pokemon Go players cannot simply exchange and trade pokemons online and they have to be in physical proximity of each other. This local social layer is the core part of Pokemon Go experience and the team at Niantic wants to maintain it in near future, so forget about remote trading anytime soon.


Another important point to be noted is that, players need to be of atleast level 10 to gain access to this feature.


To become friends with someone you will need to exchange unique trainer codes, once players enter the unique trainer code, they will be able to send friend request to them.


The trading process itself is pretty straightforward where both the Pokemons face each other on a special trading screen and once you confirm, the transfer happens. Then you can change the nickname of the Pokemon once it is under your ownership.



Pokemon Go will also incentivise playing together with your friends as your pokemons will get attack bonuses while battling gyms together or when you raid you get extra pokeballs.  And more two friends play together, their relationship status will ramp up.


There are four different types of friendship levels, each of them will have different effects on the trading part as well as on the raiding and gym parts. Trading costs stardust - the in game resource which is required for powering up a pokemons. The amount of stardust required to trade a pokemon will depend upon rarity of the pokemon.


Although you can get certain discount if your friendship level is high with the player with whom you are exchanging. Best Friends may only have to spend 40,000 of the item while those who have just met may have to spend a million.


Certain Pokémon (Legendaries, Shinies, and any Pokémon you don’t already have) are considered “special trades”. You can only make special trades with the players whom you’ve reached the higher tiers of friendship with.


And the regular trades cost 100 Stardust a piece and the candy bonuses depends on the distance between locations where Pokemon were caught. Players can  get maximum Candy Bonuses when they trade Pokemons that were caught at 100 KM distance apart or more.


Friendship Level

Effects On Trading

Effects on Raiding and Gyms

Best Friend

  • Trade all Pokemon except Mythicals

  • 3x discount on Trading

  • 3x Attack Bonus

  • +4 Ball

Ultra Friend

  • Trade all Pokemon except Mythicals

  • 2x discount on Trading

  • 2x Attack Bonus

  • +2 Ball

Great Friend

  • Trade all Pokemon except Mythicals

  • 1x discount on Trading

  • 1x Attack Bonus

  • +1 Ball

Good Friend

Trade all Pokemon except Mythicals



So your trades will improve and get discounted when you are trading with a good friend.   So it is highly recommended that local friends raise their friendship levels as soon as possible to reap the benefits.


Another important concept with this update is that of Gifts. Players will be able to get a gift item every once in a while they are spinning pokestop. To open the gift you have to send it across to a friend from your friends list.  They will receive the postcard which will have a photo of the stop from where the gift was picked along with some helpful items. Gifts are quite special as they contain rare items such as egg that hatches into Alolan form of pokemon discovered in Kanto.


These features should be out by next week so that players can take them for spin during July’s Go Fest and make even more friendships and trades.



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