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Google 65 : AR Headset Google Is Building To Compete With Hololens

Neha Batra| Software News | 9 months

Google is building an untethered Augmented Reality headset which will be powered by Qualcomm chips and will be built by Taiwanese computer maker Quanta. 


It sounds quite similar to Microsoft Hololens which has found few use cases in industrial and training space. Headset is tentatively named Google A65 and will come packed with all the cameras and sensors. 


Interestingly both Microsoft Hololens and Google A65 headset will be powered by same Qualcomm QSC603 four-core chips which are based on ARM architecture. 


Google doesn’t have a very good history with AR after it’s Google Glass project failed. Google has invested in Magic Leap, the secretive full stack AR startup which is created huge hype with its magical demos. Magic Leap recently opened up its SDK called Lumin for developers which allows them to build Spatial AR apps for Magic Leap platform. 


Currently there is no release date as yet for Google A65 headset according to WinFuture who broke the initial news about it. Race for AR is heating up with social giants like Snapchat and Facebook fighting out with AR based Selfie filters and Google and Microsoft fighting for platform control. 


Google has also launched ARCore, its SDK for building AR experiences for mobile phones which is trying to compete with more established Apple’s ARKit. 


It will be interesting to see how the dynamics of Augmented Reality Computing will play out, but one thing is for sure, computing will eventually find its way out of the confines of rectangular screen.


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