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Google Launches Low Code App Development Tool - App Maker

Carla Wells| Software News | 8 months, 1 week


Google has made its online tool for building and deploying business applications- App Maker generally available for users. App Maker from Google is part of G Suite business and enterprise subscription. 


Company had launched App Maker about an year ago, but kept it in beta till now. App Maker from Google allows anyone in a company to build their own business applications while using data which is already stored in any of the other integrated Google services. Users can build application through simple drag and drop mechanism an office out of box module such as responsive templates, database and API connectors et cetera. 


Developers can use gmail, Google calendar,  sheets other data sources as a database as well. Zero code app development platforms are offered by companies such as Salesforce, Zoho as well as specialised players. But Google App Maker seems to be focused more on the Google's internal services than on third party integrations for now. 


Google App Maker applications can be further  customised using scripts and custom code. G Suite administrators now have visibility over the apps running in their organization including owners, usage metrics and OAuth permissions. Expanded OAuth Whitelisting controls mean administrators will also be able to prevent apps from running without their approval. 


You can learn more about Google App Maker here 


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