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Insights From Mary Meeker Internet Trends Report 2018

Neha Batra| Trends | 8 months, 2 weeks


Mary Meeker is a legendary VC who is a partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and every year she releases her annual internet trends report. Overtime her report has become like a gospel for all people interested in tech, be it other VCs, startup founders, big companies closely watching evolution of tech, policy makers and general population interested in understanding where is internet headed. 


Few days ago she released her Internet Trends Report for the year 2018 which is a 294 slide ppt and spots various trends related to tech and internet industry. 



Here are some of the core insights from the report :


1.Report starts off with the note that the growth of internet users is slowing down as its penetration has reached more than 3.6 Billion or half of the world’s population. There has been 0% growth in the mobile shipments and growth rate of new internet users slowed down from 12% last year to 7% this year. 



2. Although internet user engagement or time spent with the medium is witnessing solid growth. People are spending more and more time being online, whether on web or mobile. US adults are spending as much as 5.9 hrs being online out of which 3.3 hrs are spent on mobile, which is driving the growth.


3. Cost of the smartphones is declining very fast and they are getting better, cheaper and faster.


4. Wifi adoption is rising exponentially. 


5. Payments over internet is increasing rapidly led by mobile and massive increase in payment users in China has led to 500 million digital payment users. Cryptocurrency based payments is also on rise with growth of companies like Coinbase. 



6. Voice as medium of user interaction and computing is finally taking off with Amazon’s Alexa leading the pack and install base rising to 30 million and Alexa skills reaching 30k. 



7. Consumer internet companies like facebook, Pinterest, Netflix, Snapchat are increasingly using personal plus collective data to give personalised experiences to users. This has led to ‘privacy paradox’ where companies have to choose between using data to provide better experience and not infringing on user privacy. 


8. Large tech companies are becoming major part of business landscape and have become major RnD spenders. 


9. Ecommerce growth is accelerating with it reaching 13% of the total retail sales. It grew at 16% as compared to 14% last year. Different specialised players for all steps of value chain in commerce are emerging - like payments, financing, logistics, fraud detection, store fronts etc. Social is leading to discovery of products and Direct to consumer brands are rising. Alibaba and Amazon are two juggernauts in the space. 



10. Consumerization of Healthcare will drive costs down and make the process simple for consumers. 


11. Way people work is changing with Freelancers now able to find work easily through online platforms. More and more people are becoming freelancers due to flexibility, extra income earning potential and work from home optionally. On demand gigs like Uber have created massive opportunity. 


12. China is increasingly becoming tech power nation with 9 out of 20 Internet leaders being chinese and only 11 american. China is also leading the pack when it comes to growth in  Artificial Intelligence technology and will become leader in next 5 years.


13. Online education space is growing by leaps and bounds with wordlwide online learners reaching 33 million. 



13. Enterprise Software companies are embracing the consumerisation of IT wave and growing fast with focus on user experience. Example Dropbox and Slack. 


You can view the complete report here :


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