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Microsoft's Github Is Available For Free For Schools As Github Education Bundle

Neha Batra| Software | 8 months

Code sharing and collaboration platform Github which Microsoft recently acquired, has announced that it will make it’s Education Suite of services freely available to schools who want to use it for the purpose of teaching.


Github had initially tried this program with certain select schools and now it has extended the program to all the schools.


As part of the free Github Education program, students will get access to the student developer pack which has tools and credits from other services such a Digital Ocean,  Travis CI, Datadog et cetera.


Github was previously also available freely to individual students and teachers who wanted to use it within the classroom for the purpose of teaching, but with github education, schools will be able to access the enterprise version and also get access to training, dedicated support etc.


To participate in the program there are certain things that schools have to do such as making sure the students as well as faculty receive regular announcements about the service and send in least one person from each department to get Github’s campus advisor training. One more requirement is to make that the product is available to all the school’s technical departments.


Microsoft has been pushing hard into the education market and it recently also acquired a video based social platform for education Flipgrid and made it freely available students.


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