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Omnichannel Customer Support and Helpdesk Software Kustomer Raises $36M

Neha Batra| Software News | 8 months


Customer support startup Kustomer based out of New York has raised $36 million to give support agents a complete holistic profile of the customer when they contact them. 


The funding, a series B, was led by Redpoint Ventures with existing investors Canaan Partners, Boldstart Ventures, and Social Leverage also participating.


The fundamental thesis of Kustomer is that it believes that certain issues or queries of customers are better answered by specific people within the company and hence it wants to convert everyone within the organisation into a customer service rep. 


This concept over a period of time has matured and it does allow cross collaboration between sales rep and other company functions such as HR, shipping, finance but in the end the final communication with the customer is in the hands of customer rep only. This is to make sure that the communication with the customer follows internal compliance at the same time making the entire company customer centric. 


This product thesis is different from its competitors such as Zendesk, as its product majorly focuses upon how to efficiently process and manage customer tickets, but the product has very little idea about who those customers are. 


The collaboration part of the Kustomer's product also focuses upon not only getting the complete picture of customer and his interactions with the company and making all the employees communicate with them,  but at the same time it is also about integrating various systems within a company to give a holistic picture to the customer support reps. 

 It's integrations include data from e-commerce platforms like Shopify and Magento; voice and messaging platforms like Twilio, TalkDesk, Twitter and Facebook Messenger; feedback tools like Nicereply; analytics services like Looker, Snowflake, Jira and Redshift; and Slack. 


The company wants to invest in building it's insights platform and also to attack the problem of engagement as they already know the customer so reaching out to them and engaging with them is the next logical step for their product. 


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