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Selecting Tech Stack

Jay Mishra| Software | 8 months, 1 week

When you are building a tech product, selecting the right tech stack becomes extremely important for the success of the product. Techstack is the foundation of the product and it will influence the decisions that you will take in the future about future product direction and determines how your product and business around that product will scale. 


If the product and the business around it is a building then your tech stack probably represents the foundation of that building. Extremely important to understand the various nuances of different tech stacks available in the market and selecting the one which makes perfect sense in your particular case. 


Tech Stack is the fundamental building block or the underlying framework around which you build your web or mobile application. It can encompass a framework, programming language and various software products that you use, upon which you build your technology around. For example a server-side tech stack consists of a web development framework like Python based Django, or Ruby on Rails which is one of the popular web development framework based on ruby language, databases like postgres SQL and the server software such as Apache or nginx. The front end tech stack consists of technologies like HTML,CSS,Javascript, React, Angular etc. 


There are lot of things that you need to keep in mind while selecting a tech stack for a product. First and foremost you need to figure out what kind of usage will your product will be subjected to when it is released. Is your product more read oriented or is it more write oriented? This will help you figure out what kind of database you should be using because some databases are more read friendly while some other databases are more write performant. Also you need to ask yourself the question what will be the structure of data and how will it be related and how it will evolve as the product matures. The scheme of your data will end up defining what database will work for your product within it be a relational database or a non relational data like mongo DB. 


Then comes the heart process of selecting web development frameworks. Every web development Framework go through its initial adoption cycle, to reaching a critical mass and then it reaches a mature stage. There are lot of different web development frameworks which are based upon different programming languages set Ruby On Rails which is based on ruby language, django which is based on python,  node JS which is based upon JavaScript, spring framework which is based upon Java, laravel framework which is based upon PHP language. All of these web development frameworks comes with their own pros and cons. Although there are lot of intricacies and differences involved while selecting a web development framework, but one true North that really helps in finding out the right web development framework for your product is to figure out what kind of developers would you have access to. Secondly you also need to see how vibrant are active is the community around a particular framework. You can check this by going to and see number of questions which are available for that particular technology. More the better. 

Then another consideration is the complexity of your product. If your product is a relatively simple CRUD application, then going with a solution which provides out of the box opinionated setup is the best option - eg Ruby on Rails. But if your app needs are complex, then going with a more modular approach based framework is a right option, such as node JS. 


For front end web development it seems like everyday there is a new JavaScript Framework with props up into the ecosystem. There are lot of different options such as modern javascript frameworks like angular, react, vue, ember, etc. The key here is to select a front end framework which is relatively mature and stable and not really to given to the hype of a new JavaScript framework. 


So you would have realise that selecting a tech stack is a hard thing to d, so do your research well before jumping off to build your product. Also if possible it is advisable that you consult experienced people who have been there and done that. 


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