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Snapchat Releases, Snap Kit, Privacy Focussed Developer Tools To Integrate SnapChat Features Into Other Apps

Jay Mishra| Social | 8 months, 1 week


Snapchat introduces set of developer tools which will allow developers to integrate some of the best features of Snapchat into their apps/websites and allow their app community to share moments to their friends and fellow Snapchatters. 


The major differentiator for Snap chat's developer kit is it's focus on privacy by design as it doesn't allow apps to get access to the social graph of Snapchat user and only provides their display name and optionally their Bitmoji. After some of the privacy scandals such as Cambridge Analytica , this gives Snapchat a great competitive in developer ecosystem from Facebook. 


Snap kit doesn't share any of your friends data or social graph. Another inbuilt security feature is that apps using Snap Kit automatically get disconnected after 90 days of inactivity. Snap Kit apps can’t even ask for your email, phone number, gender, age, location, who you follow, or who you’re friends with. 


Snapchat's push for developer ecosystem through SDKs and developer tools such as Lens studio which allows developers to create Augmented Reality experiences for Snapchat as well as the current launch of Snap Kit, is part of its ongoing quest to put fuel on it's slowing user growth and to extend the reach of Snapchat beyond its mobile applications. 


Snap kit has 4 major components : 


Creative kit - this allows developers to integrate their custom branded stickers, filters and links directly into Snapchat camera and it brings highlights from developers such as high scores, workout stats, playlists etc directly into their preview screen so that they can add their touch and share it with their fellow Snapchatters. 


Login kit - Login kit provides a secure and temporary login functionality for developers which allows users to link their apps to Snapchat to bring their display name and bitmoji avatar without really worrying about their activity being tracked. 


Bitmoji Kit - Bitmoji Kit lets Snapchatters express themselves with Bitmoji stickers across developers app — so they can chat with more sense of personality. 


Story Kit - With Story Kit, developers can embed Snapchat Stories on their own platforms to showcase their community! Story Kit also allows to search Public Stories based on location, time, captions, and more. 


Snapchat will be reviewing every single app which will use Snap kit to make sure it is not doing any shady practice. Some of the early partners for Snapchat involve big name such as Tinder, Postmates, Giphy, Quip, Soundhound, Pandora, Poshmark etc. 


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