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Top 20 AI Startups

Kavan Oza| AI | 8 months, 2 weeks


Artificial Intelligence has made initial strides into almost every industry present in the world today. From cyber security to healthcare, every industry is witnessing proliferation of Artificial Intelligence leading to substantial increase in productivity gains. Modern AI technologies have a huge role to play in a future which is going to be increasingly dependent on automation. Below is the list of 20 AI startups which have made a mark in their respective industry and are growing extremely fast. 


Affirm (

Affirm is a financial services company which provides financial credit or loans to non-prime borrowers. It uses Artificial Intelligence to perform tasks related to risk assessment. Its financing is quick, transparent and without any form of hidden fees. The company was founded in 2013 by Max Levchin who is the former co-founder of Paypal.

Funding: $ 720 m


Arterys (

Arterys leverages the use of cloud computation to radically transform the world of medical imaging. It uses artificial intelligence for the benefit of both patients and clinicians by creating an automated and intelligent diagnostic platform. It was founded in 2011 and currently the no. of employees on its payroll ranges from 11-50.

Funding: $ 43.7 m


Babylon Health (

Babylon Health is a healthcare company which believes in providing affordable and accessible healthcare to people around the world. It consists one of the largest collection of scientists, clinicians, mathematicians and engineers for any healthcare company in the world. The team of above experts have been recruited from 60 countries and have been provided rigorous training. They combine Artificial Intelligence with the expertise of the clinicians, providing the patients with health assessments, treatment advice and face to face appointments round the clock.

Funding: $ 85m


Brain Corp (

Brain Corp is a software company which focuses on intelligent navigation systems that automate commercial equipment. It utilizes Artificial Intelligence for Original Equipment Manufacturers to automate their manual equipment. It is currently focused on developing advanced machine learning techniques for the future such as for self-driving cars. It was co-founded in 2009 by Dr. Eugene Izhikevich and serial technology entrepreneur Dr. Allen Gruber.

Funding: $ 125m


ByteDance (

ByteDance is a news reading application which enables people to consume and receive information or content. It currently has 200 million users today who actively spend an hour on its products. Bytedance combines artificial intelligence and the ever growing mobile internet to provide people with information. It is also one of the company which aims to nurture content creators. The perfect example of that is its product Toutiao which is the largest content discovery and creation platform in China.

Funding: $ 3.11B


Captricity (

Captricity is a data entry company which converts information on paper to digital data instantly. The digital data after the conversion is structured and effective and is quicker than manual entry. It provides solutions for a wide range of industries such as Insurance, Financial Services, Government and Health. It builds databases from historical archives which enables it to leverage analytics and enhance risk capabilities. Moreover it reduces operational cost by enabling robotic automation. It was founded on 14th Feb 2011 by Jeff lin and Kuang Chen.

Funding: $51.9m


CrowdStrike (

CrowdStrike is a cyber-security technology providing company which delivers pioneering endpoint protection and service. It uses Software as a Service (Saas) model to provide cloud computing based security to computer networks. Such a cloud architecture drives down cost and complexity. It also helps to crowdsource threat information and provide instant immunity to customers. Crowdstrike have designed a lightweight sensor, which could be deployed quickly and effectively across any customer environment. Additionally, it employs a cutting-edge Graph Data Model in the cloud which allows it to look at a billion end points simultaneously for analyzing them in real time.

Funding: $ 281m


Cybereason (

Cybereason believes it provides the world’s most powerful cyber-security analytics platform. Its endpoint defense and response platform identifies all the elements of a cyber-attack in real time to combat it and provide effective response. Every endpoint is equipped with sensors which silently monitor your entire environment without really affecting productivity. Its technology starts immediately without any rule-writing, sometimes as soon as in 24 hours. The Hunting Engine of Cybereason using machine learning algorithms which can recognize nuances which sometimes even AI can’t.

Funding: $ 188.6m


Face++ (

Face++ is a cloud service platform which focuses on face recognition services. It enables the web and mobile application developers to utilize cutting-edge vision technology and sensitize the users to a brand new experience. It provides solutions related to Face Detection, Face Landmarks, Face Attributes, Face Comparing and Face Searching. The face detection platform, detects faces within images and gives out high precision location rectangles. The company was founded in Oct 2011 by Qi Yin, Wenbin Tang and Yang Mu.

Funding: $607m


Flatiron Health (

Flatiron is a healthcare industry which uses technology for gathering information about cancer from patients. It combines some of the most brilliant minds in medicine and technology to improve the treatment process for cancer patients. Flatiron derives the information from the experiences of the current cancer patients. It has taken patience records of up to 2 million people. Currently employing 500 employees, it has created 265+ community oncology clinics. Moreover, it has 2500+ OncoEMR clinician users.

Funding: $313m ( is a marketing platform which is built on a predictive self-learning engine. The platform is the sales industry’s first sales accelerating platform. It creates high performance sales team with the assistance of cutting edge technology. The platform is comprehensive, right from the moment an opportunity appears till the moment it has been converted. It promotes live, high quality conversations, prescribes optimized sales activities and enhances performance and motivation.

Funding: $ 251.2m


Liulishuo (

Liulishuo is the world’s leading education platform as far as using Artificial Intelligence for education is concerned. The technology which Liulishuo employs triples learning efficiency according to a recent study. Moreover, it has 50 million freely registered users as of July 2017 and 600K paid users. The users are based in 379 cities in China and in 175 countries around the world. It has developed the world’s first Artificial Intelligence teacher which can be personalized and is adaptable to every new learner.

Funding: $ 100m


Nauto (

Nauto is a vehicle technology providing company which provides the customers with intelligent camera network and smart cloud systems. It believes that autonomy begins with learning from the experiences of the real drivers. The after-market devices of Nauto provide personalized reviews and comments to the fleets and their drivers. Using machine learning techniques, the Nauto devices are collecting information from roads all around the world. The data that has been collected can be utilized for creating better autonomous devices. Nauto believes such autonomous driving can save millions of lives around the world and change how we perceive driving.

Funding: $ 173.9m


Petuum (

Petuum is a software infrastructure providing company which enables Artificial Intelligence for enterprises. It provides a platform for users to build any Machine learning application using a huge amount of data. Its gallery of AI building blocks are compatible with any programming language which allows developers and managers to quickly build AI application without worrying about coding. It makes AI adoption easy and lays foundation for integration of AI into every industry.

Funding: $ 108m


Preferred Networks (

Preferred Networks is one of leading companies which uses artificial intelligence technology for the field of internet of Things (IOT). It has three primary business domains namely Transportation, Manufacturing and Healthcare. As far as transportation is concerned, research has been done and technologies developed in relation to autonomous cars. Preferred Networks applies machine learning technique to robotics and machine tools. As far as healthcare is concerned, they have developed systems which can detect cancer early using blood samples.

Funding: $129.9m


Recursion (

Recursion Pharmaceuticals utilizes both artificial intelligence and automation to perform biology experiments. Literally thousands of compounds are tested on hundreds of cellular disease models simultaneously. It believes in Design, Execute, Discover and Recursion principle. The AI tools unlock the maximum data from the cellular image datasets. With the execution being autonomous, industrialization of discovery biology is quick. By using the Recursion platform, a map of human biology can be illuminated. 

Funding: $ 105.4m


SenseTime (

Sensetime applies artificial intelligence for computer vision and deep learning technologies. It develops face recognition technology which is used in payment and picture analysis. This analysis can be an important component for bank card verification and security systems. It proclaims that it has an error rate in face recognition technology of below one in 100000. Additionally, it provides image, text and vehicle recognition to companies which require it.

Funding: $ 1.6B


SoundHound (

SoundHound is a company which uses Artificial Intelligence for voice-enabled and conversational technologies. It is the first independent platform which allows developers and users to deploy it anywhere also retaining the ability to control. It provides the world’s fastest speech recognition. Houndify’s Speech-to-Meaning engine delivers unbelievable speed and accuracy. Its Deep Meaning Understanding technology enables the users to find answers to multiple questions at once.

Funding: $ 215m


Upstart (

Upstart puts to good use the artificial intelligence technologies to place a price on credit processes and automate the borrowing process. It maintains one of the lending industry’s highest customer ratings according to a survey. It also is one of the first companies to implement machine learning tools to the multi-trillion dollar credit industry. The system that it utilizes constantly improves based on daily loan-level repayment and delinquency data.

Funding: $ 584.73m


ZestFinance (

ZestFinance is another financial service company which uses artificial technology for its operations. Company's product consumes vast amount of data to find out the good borrowers. This allows them to enable higher repayment rates for lenders. The Zest Automated Machine Learning (ZAML) platform helps customers make important credit decisions within a few seconds. They have also combined with, China’s largest online direct sales company, to expand its business in China.

Funding: $ 268m


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