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Top 5 Slack Apps & Bots You Need to Install Right Away

Editorial| Apps | 10 months, 2 weeks


Messaging Apps have proliferated the business landscape like wild fire with Slack as the trailblazer of the pack. You ask any white caller worker and ask him his favourite app, the probability that he will say Slack is pretty darn high. Slack has grown so rapidly within the business landscape that it has become sort of go to tool for all the employees.


What makes Slack so unique is the whole ecosystem of apps, bots and integrations it has fostered. You can find a slack app or bot for all the needs wether it is about getting notified when your server is down or getting your expenses reimbursed — there is a slack app for that.


1. Poker Bot 

Poker Bot is a bot that turns Slack into a game of Texas Hold’em. With Poker Bot you can start a quick poker game in any channel or private group with 2–10 players. PokerBot will deal hands, direct message players with their hole cards, query players for their action, determine the winning hand, and handle the pot.


2. AppFollow

With AppFollow you can track app activities in App Store, Google Play & Windows Store like Reviews & Replies, Keywords (search results positions), Ranks , Sales & Downloads , App Updates (what’s new), Featured Breakdown 
, AppsFlyer, Appmetrica and Search Ads campaigns , App Analytics & User Acquisition reports


3. Polly

Polly is a slack bot which lets you poll your teammates in Slack. You can simply use /polly command to create your poll quickly and sit back and relax as your results get updated in slack on real time basis.. 


4. Marker 2.0

With Market you can annotate and share screenshots — all within Slack. 


5. Tettra

Tettra is a wiki app for docuementing, organizing and sharing your company’s collective knowledge. Tettra helps teams to document their knowledge in a structured category based manner which can be retrieved later as and when required. 




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