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Top Facial Recognition APIs You Should Know About

Neha Batra| | 8 months, 3 weeks


With advances in computer vision and proliferation of Augmented Reality, Facial Recognition has really picked up momentum in mainstream technology landscape. 


But if you have a killer app idea to leverage the facial reconigtion technology, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. You can make use of some of the most advanced facial recognition technologies by means of APIs from tech juggernaughts like Google, Amazon, IBM or opensource counterparts. So here is a list of top facial recognition APIs you should know about :


1. Amazon Rekognition 

This API from none other than Amazon Web Services helps you leverage extremely advanced deep learning based image and video analysis. You just provide your image or video through Amazon Rekognition API and it will help you identify objects, people, text, scenes or activities. This advanced computer vision API can be used for facial recognition and highly accurate facial analysis. 

Amazon Rekognition - Video and Image - AWS
Learn about Amazon Rekognition and how you can quickly and easily build visual analysis for your


2. Google Cloud Vision 

Using Google’s Cloud Vision API, you can understand the content and context of an image using machine learning models by means of simple RESTful APIs. Google Cloud Vision easily helps you identify objects within an image and classify it into different categories. You can build highly sophisticated Facial recognition apps using this API and you know it is built for scale coming from Google. 

Vision API - Image Content Analysis | Google Cloud
Cloud Vision API provides a comprehensive set of capabilities including object detection, ocr, explicit content, face…


3. IBM Watson Visual Recognition

Remember Watson ? The jeopardy winning highly publicised supercomputer from IBM. Well it can now help you do some state of the art visual analysis through it’s APIs. You can classify and tag contents of image in split seconds using IBM Watson Visual Recognition API. With this api, you can use pre trained models or build and train your custom machine learning models using its free workspace called Watson Studio. 

Watson Visual Recognition
Tag, classify and search visual content using machine


4. Microsoft Face API

Microsoft has been marching into cloud api space with all guns blazing, and it offers a very powerful API to help you recongize those faces in your images. It can help you detect human faces and compare similar ones, organise images into groups based on similarity, identify previously tagged people in images and lots more. 

Face API - Facial Recognition Software | Microsoft Azure
Build facial recognition software into your applications with the Face API from Microsoft Azure. Detect, identify and…


5. is an enterprise-ready vision and identity solutions which provides you simple rest API and dashboard to manage face recognition and ID verifications. It also offers widgets, React components, SDKs, IFTTT & Zapier integrations to simplify any use case.


6. Kairos

Kairos offers great breath of features when it comes to facial recognition through it's API. It offers specific use case oriented features such as detection (of face and facial points like nose, eyes etc), verification ( test two side by side images to verify if it is the same person), identification ( who is this person ) as well as other features like sorting, auto correction etc.


So what use cases can you think of to use these powerful facial recognition APIs ?



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