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Top Jira Interview Questions & Answers

Jay Mishra| Project Management | 8 months, 3 weeks

Jira is one of the leading issue tracking and workflow management software developed by Australian Company Atlassian. If you are hiring a Jira adminstrator, developers, scrum master, project manager etc and you need to test their knowledge of Jira in the interview, here are some questions which you can ask them. 


What is Jira?

Jira is an issue tracking software developed by Australian software company Atlassian, which is used for bug tracking, project management and other types of issue tracking like business process management or Application Tracking System 


What constitutes an issue in Jira ?

What makes up an issue depends upon the context in which the organisation is using Jira software. For example in a software project use context, an issue can be a new feature story or a bug or task, for IT support  context an issue can be a help ticket and in HR contextm, a jira issue can be an application profile. 


What is workflow in Jira ?

A workflow in Jira refers to the steps through which an issue has to transition, subject to conditions and permissions setup by the jira admin, to reach its final state or resolution. 


What is labelling in Jira ?

Labelling is a form on informal issue classification in jira as compared to more stricter classification such as assigning it a component or version. 


What is linking in Jira ?

Linking in Jira is a process to associate to different issues to each other in same or different project. 


What are the different types of reports available in Jira ?

Jira provides different types of reports and analytics to get a progress snapshot of project like Sprint Burndown chart, Sprint Report, Burnup Chart, Epic Report, Cummulative Flow Diagram, Velocity Chart, Version Report etc. 


How will you do Agile Roadmap Planning in Jira ?

Jira portfolio can be used to create agile roadmap planning and track progress across teams and projects to share it easily with the stakeholders. 


Which all deployment options are available for jira software ?

Jira software comes in three different deployment options including cloud, server and data centre option.


What is JQL ?

JQL stands for Jira Query language is an advanced explicit way to search issues within jira. It consists of field, operator, value and keyword. 


What is cloning an issue in jira mean ?

Cloning an issue means to duplicate an issue in jira with profiled fields and cloned issue can be linked to the original issue. 


What are schemes in Jira ?

Schemes are collection of configured values which can be used across jira projects. Examples of Jira Schemes are : notification scheme, permission scheme, issue type scheme etc. 


What are add ons in Jira ?

Add ons are apps available in Atlassian Jira marketplace developed by 3-rd party developers, which can be integrated into jira software to enhance the functionality. 


What are some popular jira add ons ?







Tempo Timesheets


What is Jira Core ?

JIRA Core is a workflow management system which allows you to set up unique processes that suit the way you work. At the heart of all systems are workflows, moving packets of work from A to B. JIRA Core allows you to make your workflow as easy or as complex as you need, giving you the freedom to concentrate on the work, not the process. JIRA Core can be used in a variety of ways. For example, you could use it to run a t-shirt business, setting up workflows that can manage your internal processes such as your design process, your sales process, your manufacturing process, and even controlling your stock. The beauty of JIRA Core is that the only constraints on your workflow are your processes!


Who are Users in Jira Core ?

Users are responsible for working in specific JIRA Core projects.

Users are given access to a project's issues, and, depending on their permissions, work on the issue by commenting on it, transitioning it through its workflow, and closing it when complete.


Who are Project administrators in Jira Core ?

Project administrators are responsible for configuring their projects.

They can administer projects, change the look and feel, and make various configuration changes to the project. A project administrator can't create a project unless they're explicitly given this permission by an administrator.


Who are Administrators in Jira Core ?

Administrators are responsible for the configuration of JIRA Core.

They control the initial set-up, the look and feel, and the configuration of project workflows, issues, and generally what the end user will see and be able to interact with.


How can you add gadgets to Jira Dashboard ?

You can add gadgets to your own personal dashboard(s). To add a gadget to the default dashboard for your JIRA application, you must be a JIRA admin.

Some applications allow dashboards that are shared by groups of people. If you have permission to update a shared dashboard, the other people sharing the dashboard will see your changes, too.

  1. Go to the dashboard by selecting the Dashboard link in the header.
  2. On the dashboard, Click Add Gadget.
  3. Use the gadget wizard to choose the gadgets you want to add. You can see a list of these gadgets in Gadgets for JIRA applications.


What are the different ways you can search issues in Jira ?

There are 3 ways you can search for issues in Jira : Quick Search, Basic Search and Advanced Search


What is Quick Search in Jira ?

The quick search is the fastest way to define search criteria. However, it is less precise than other search methods for complex queries (e.g. project = JIRA AND status = Open AND priority = High). It is most useful when your search criteria is not complex, for example, you know the project key and some key words for an issue.

To use the quick search: Enter your search criteria in the search box in the header and press Enter. 


What is Basic Search in Jira ?

The basic search is more precise than the quick search, but easier to use than the advanced search. It provides a user-friendly interface that lets you define complex queries, without needing to know how to use JQL (advanced searching).

To use the basic search: Navigate to Issues (in header) > Search for issues, then enter your search criteria. 


What is advanced search in Jira ?

The advanced search is the most powerful of the three search methods. You can specify criteria that cannot be defined in the other searches (e.g. ORDER BY clause). However, you need to know how to construct structured queries using the JIRA Query Language (JQL) to use this feature.

To use the advanced search: Navigate to Issues (in header) > Search for issues, then enter your search criteria.


What are Project Shortcuts?

Project shortcuts can be added to your project navigation page to any online resources your team may want to access. These shortcut links are available to everyone who has access to the project


What is Audit Log?

With Audit Log, you can see all the details about the issue created, and the changes made in the issues.


What is an “issue collector”?

An “issue collector” enables Jira admin to easily embed a JIRA feedback form into a web site. This helps website visitors to log issues into JIRA through the website


What is an event in JIRA?

The events are classified in two a System event (JIRA defined events) and Custom event (User defined events). An event describes the status, the default template and the notification scheme and workflow transition post function associations for the event






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