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Top Mixed Reality Microsoft Hololens Apps

Kavan Oza| Mixed Reality | 8 months, 3 weeks


Microsoft's early bet on Mixed reality with Hololens seems to be taking off with a vibrant developer ecosystem building around it. Hololens is also getting good traction among not only consumers through novel mixed reality experiences, but also in specific b2b cases. Microsoft's mixed reality vision is a digital experience platform which lies somehwere in the middle of continumm of Virtual reality and augmented reality. Developers have leveraged the Hololens SDK and 3d engines like unity to create some really compelling apps around promising use cases in the form of Hololens apps. Lets take a look at some of the top microsoft hololens apps. 


1. HoloBlocks

Think of HoloBlocks like micrcraft, but in mixed reality and it includes building structures with virtual blocks. It is a great application to feel your way into the hololens and experience how the 3D blocks behave in a mixed reality environment. 



2. Roboraid

A Hololens app designed by the folks at Microsoft only, RoboRaid lives up to user’s expectations from mixed reality. Designed for the gaming community, the app involves shooting robots who are coming at you from all angles and shooting laser at you simultaneously. This hololens app is as close to mixed reality as you can get with the shooter fighting down robots who are bursting through living room walls. The aim is set by directing your gaze to the target, the weapon is fired by tapping the air, enemy fire is dodged by moving around in your space and the word “X-Ray” is used to increase your power.



3. White Cane

Hololens apps like the White Cane truly depict the mind boggling power of mixed reality. An app made especially for blind people, it uses the Hololen’s camera and AI to detect surfaces. Thereafter depending on the type of surface ahead of the blind user, app plays the respective sound to alert the user. So the sound that the user would hear when he is approaching a wall will be different from the one when the space ahead of him is clear. While it is still very much a work in progress, it shows the progress which can be made by technologies such as Hololens to conquer human disabilities.



4. Remote Assist

Remote Assist is one of the most recent hololens app to be launched by Microsoft as part of the latest update to the Hololens. This hololens app introduces a feature which allows other people to clearly see what a person wearing the hololens is seeing. Such features could prove to be a huge boon in the manufacturing sector where such screen sharing facility would allow the worker to solve a technical problem by contacting the specialist through the Hololens. Similarly, the app can also be used to solve design related problems because of such a vision sharing facility. This is what the future of collaboration looks like. 



5. Layout

Microsoft has come out with another unique hololens app which they demoed in their developer conference 'Microsoft Build 2018', known as the Layout. The app allows Hololens users to design and visualize real spaces in mixed reality. For instance, it allows users to define a virtual floor plan and then explore different 3D models  giving an idea of how the room would look and feel under different scenarios. Thereafter, they can visit the physical location and visualize how the new objects would fit along with the existing ones in lifesize scale.



6. Insight Heart

Insight Heart is one of the few hololens apps designed for medical education. It guides the user through the functions and intricacies of the heart by in an immersive manner which was never possible before. Hololens App is built by ANIMA RES, a highly specialised production company for medical visualisation which has committed itself to awaken our fascination for the human body.

Using this hololens app, user can control the view of the heart by gesture or voice control thereby improving the learning process by making it intuitive and iteractive. You can zoom, pan or rotate the model. The application also shows unmatched visual effects of some of the common heart diseases and issues like myocardial infection and atrial fibrillation.



7. Skype For Hololens

One of the awesome features of this Hololens apps is that your friends can see what you see and also can create holograms for our part. Not only that, the Skype for Hololens also includes real time spatial mapping. In addition, it uses hand tracking which implies using natural hand movements in the application, to create or place objects in real life. You can 'pin' the conversation anywhere you like, whether in front of you or on the wall while you work on something else. You can adjust the size of the conversation window as well using hand gestures. Skype for Hololens is fully integrated with Cortana which helps you to use voice commands to control the app. 


8. HoloTour 

One of the few applications which uses a 360 degree video, it shows the immense power of mixed reality. The app transports you to other parts of the planet and to past times in history by using this video, spatial sound and holographic scenery. One can visit the ancient city of Rome almost as if one was going back in time.


Hololens apps have shown a glimpse into the future as far as mixed reality is concerned. The demand for such apps is only going to increase as more and more enterprises look towards mixed reality for effective solutions to their operational business problems. Hololens apps such as the recently introduced Remote Assist and Layout have shown how mixed reality is here to stay and how it will play a huge role in the future.


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