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What is Amazon Sumerian

Neha Batra| Mixed Reality | 9 months, 1 week

Amazon Sumerian is a new service which is launched as part of AWS allowing users to create AR, VR and 3D experiences directly from the browser without any specialised programming or 3d expertise. With Sumerian companies can build interactive and highly immersive environments which in turn can be deployed on all popular hardware such as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and HTC Vive Pro as well as Android and iOS mobile devices.


So here’s how it works :


1. Upload Your Assets — Upload your 3d assets in FBX or OBJ format. 


2. Create a digital host from pre-existing templates to narrate your scene 


3. Edit your scene by changing background, objects etc. You can even script custom logic using visual editor or javascript editor.


4. You can now publish your scene and get a unique url for viewing it across devices in browsers which support WebVR.


Companies are using Amazon Sumerian to build all types of different prototypes in industries such as medical, finance, education etc. Under the surface Sumerian uses Amazon Lex for natural language and AI, AWS lambda to run the code and DynamoDB as database, Polly to turn text into speech. 


Pricing for Amazon Sumerian is also pretty straightforward with no upfront licensing fee but customers are charged on the basis of among of storage used for 3d assets and volume of traffic generated by your scene. And also you play for additional AWS services that you use such as Polly or Lex.


Sumerian solves a growing need among enterprises to experiment with burgeoning AR,VR and mixed reality technology without having to hire expert talent at the onset. 


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